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Brand new music for a brand new building, the Edna Rizley Griffen

Concert Hall holds it’s grand opening tonight.

The pinnacle of years planning and construction is realized today as the University Center for the Arts holds the grand opening of its new 567- seat concert hall.

The new facility will open its doors tonight with impressive performances.

David King composed “Orpheus Invoked,” a work specifically written for the occasion.

“This music calls Orpheus down to watch over the hall,” King said.

Orpheus, a god from Greek mythology, is said to have been able to make the world and all its inhabitants weep at the sound of his music. King calls the work a “house blessing, an invocation, a commemoration, and an inauguration.”

Joining the celebration is world-renowned concert pianist Yakov Kasman, who is a soloist during the performance of Stravinsky’s “Petrouchka.” Kasman is acclaimed for his stage presence and expression.

In addition to his performance at the opening concert, Kasman is giving a piano master class at the Edna Rizley Concert Hall from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today. The class is free and open to the public.

Graduate student Chris Hatton is performing with the University Symphony

Orchestra on Aaron Jay Kernis’ work, “New Era Dance.”

“It’s a new era here at CSU,” Hatton said.

Commissioned by CSU for the opening is the world premiere of composer

Robert W. Smith’s “Monument,” performed by the University Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Singers. “Monument” is a portrait of Colorado through music and hopes to draw in a blessing to make the new building a center for arts in Fort Collins.

The new concert hall is built especially for music performances, a vast improvement over the facilities CSU orchestras and symphonies have been using.

“It’s very important to have a venue that’s designed specifically for music, so the music sounds good,” said Steven Moore, director of bands at CSU. “It’s like the fifth section of an orchestra.”

Part of a three-stage plan, the concert hall’s opening signifies accomplishment. Funded completely through private money, the concert hall and theaters (still under construction) are first to be completed.

Plans for the center’s academic portions have been drawn up and are ready to be acted upon as soon as funding is available. The new University Center for the Arts is located across College Avenue east of campus and is connected to campus by an underground tunnel beneath College Avenue. Of the three construction segments, the concert hall is all new construction. Still being built, the theaters are inside the old high school’s gymnasium.

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