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Authors: Sarah Fallik

Local punk rockers Stoli and the Beers excitedly anticipate the kickoff of their upcoming tour Wednesday at Surfside Seven, 150 N. College Ave. “In the Alley” will be their first big out-of-state tour.

Sarah Rocereta is “Stoli” and Tim Ochs and Kyle McConnellogue, who prefers to be called hal 9000, are “the Beers.” The group members always love the chance to play a show, but they particularly enjoy playing at Surfside.

“They’re really nice to us and it seems more intimate,” hal 9000 said.

With Rocereta on guitar and vocals, Ochs on bass and hal 9000 rocking the drums, this trio prides itself on being straightforward punk rock, yet still distinctive sound.

“We have a really unique sound and that’s our forte,” Ochs said.

The group’s screaming, in-your-face approach to music sets Stoli and the Beers apart in the music scene.

“If you want to get your face ripped off and thrown back at you like a cheap shot of whiskey then come see us live!” hal 9000 said.

Their band’s rocking sound and screaming energy could be a challenge to contain within the small venue.

Stoli and the Beers will begin their “In the Alley” tour in Fort Collins and then will travel east to diverse venues in 10 different states. The group will play 18 shows in 18 days. Stoli and the Beers will be back in Colorado mid-October to finish out their tour with shows in Longmont and Pueblo.

“We are all really stoked to be fortunate enough to be able to do it,” hal 9000 said.

Stoli and the Beers released their debut record, “In the Alley,” in May 2004. “In the Alley” is available at local independent record stores such as ABCD’s and The Finest CDs. The band has been working on putting together a second album, entitled “One Hell of a Hangover.”

“We already have most of the follow-up to our first record finished,” Ochs said.

Rocereta often writes the band’s songs.

“When I have a song, I play it for the band and we all turn it into something that rocks,” Rocereta said.

Stoli and the Beers have played all over the Front Range, from Laramie to Pueblo, including previous shows at Surfside and the Starlight Theatre.

“We have a heavy show schedule,” Ochs said. The band has played more than 57 shows this year, with one particularly memorable performance at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in Colorado Springs.

“We played in front of 600 people and they had never heard of us before and the whole place went nuts once we started playing,” hal 9000 said.

Stoli and the Beers maintain and strive to improve their music in between shows by practicing at least twice a week.

Rusty Shackleford, which is opening for Stoli and the Beers, is a local band that formed almost a year ago. Some have classified the group’s music as skate rock, but guitarist Seth Heethen says it is closest in sound to “old-school punk rock.”

Rusty Shackleford has previously played Static, the Starlight, Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza and Watering Hole, and Surfside Seven. This will be Rusty Shackleford’s third time playing at Surfside.

Surfside Seven is offering both these musical talents for a $2 entry fee. The show is 21 and older only and will start around 10:30 pm Wednesday night.

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