To the Editor:

Sep 212004

This letter is a response to Ken Zetye’s column about the Iraq

war being a “good idea.” Zeyte claims the war is about human

rights. This is a clever ploy used by many attempting to justify

this illegal war. We all remember the real reason was weapons of

mass destruction. Bush said it himself in his State of the Union

address. If the war were about human rights, then Bush would’ve

played the compassion card, rather than the fear card. The same

fear card played when he states, “This war is about making America

safe from terrorists that want nothing more than to kill you and

your family.” Why?

Why would anyone want to be a terrorist? Zeyte fails to mention

any of the atrocious crimes committed by the state of Israel, with

the help of our foreign aid and weaponry. Nor does he mention that

potential terrorists may remember the United States supporting

Saddam Hussein for a decade before, during and after becoming the

“Butcher of Baghdad.” Not to mention the MANY other “Butchers” the

United States has supported or empowered over the past century.

Zeyte claims he wants to bring freedom to these people. It seems

he really just wants to make these countries into little Americas,

“free” to act like we do. Which is fine, but there may be a few

people willing to set a car bomb who don’t want their country to be

a little America. Look at the government’s definition of a rogue

state; it fits the hypocritical United States perfectly.

Brandon Lehman

Junior, Engineering major

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To the Editor:

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Sep 212004

Please tell me you’re not serious. In a time when ALL students

at CSU (not just those older than 21 who attend football games) are

facing serious threats to their education and future, you choose to

run a front-page article with follow-up, an editorial column and

three letters protesting the decision to ban alcohol sales at Sonny

Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium? Are you kidding? Whether these

complaints are justified or not is beside the point. You’re telling

me (and everyone else) there’s not a more pressing issue that

deserves a front-page article and an Associated Students of CSU

protest on the steps of the Administration Building? In case you

need some material for a legitimate protest, take a look at

Professor Schulman’s column in the same paper. Thank you, Professor

Schulman, for making sense amid the muck. ASCSU and The Collegian

should be the voice of the students, but do we really want that

voice screaming loudest about a couple thousand students’ right to

drink at a football game. Is that your legacy of leadership? I know

you can do better. I’ve seen it before and I hope to see it



Steven Church

Academic Adviser

College of Liberal Arts

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To the Editor:

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Sep 212004

“We want beer.”

That’s what the CSU students at Saturday night’s game were

chanting. I understand that not selling beer was a choice that had

to be made in regards to what has gone on this year in Fort

Collins, but we have to ask ourselves if it was the right decision.

I did not agree with selling more potent beer this football season,

but I was at the game on Saturday and saw students and their

friends chugging as much alcohol as they could before getting into

the stadium. For this and other reasons I don’t feel stopping beer

sales at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium is the way to go.

Bringing alcohol back into the stadium will reduce underage

drinking at games. With the current rules, students are going to

drink as much as they can beforehand, which may cause more problems

because of a whole separate, but very prominent problem: binge


There are other ways to keep alcohol consumption down beyond not

selling beer at Hughes. I believe that if alcohol were only sold

during the first or second quarter, students would be OK with that.

It seems that the current ruling will not solve as many problems as

it threatens to create.

Bad things have the potential to happen no matter what. For

these reasons I believe the decision to sell beer at Hughes Stadium

should be reconsidered.

Ashley Whittet

Community member

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To the Editor:

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Sep 212004

It is an irrefutable fact that in any given year more students

will die as a result of irresponsible driving than irresponsible

drinking. Given this, for the sake of consistency, I suggest that

the CSU administration ban driving to Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes

Stadium until February, and after that only allow economy cars with

2-liter engines or smaller.

David Keyser

Masters economic student

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To the Editor:

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Sep 212004

I for one am glad that CSU President Larry Penley suspended

alcohol sales at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium. As a

freshman, I must admit I was a little leery of going to a football

game where other people would be drinking alcohol. I don’t drink,

never have, and I don’t like being around people who drink. I

wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go to a game. Now, knowing that

there won’t be alcohol sold at the games, I am looking forward to

going to a football game.

I was never exposed to much drinking in high school and I’d like

to keep it that way in college. I don’t understand the fun of

getting drunk, and that’s probably because I don’t drink. I just

hope that I can get through college without having bad experiences

because of other people getting drunk. I know that I have no

intention of drinking, even after I turn 21.

Jessica Craver

Freshman animal science major

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