Sep 192004
Authors: Katie Wyer

Crowds chanted for more than just the football team Saturday

night at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium.

“Bring booze back to Hughes,” yelled throngs of CSU students

during Saturday night’s game between CSU and Minnesota.

On Thursday, CSU President Larry Penley announced beer sales at

Hughes Stadium would be suspended until at least Feb. 1.

This decision came two days after Penley announced members of a

university alcohol task force to “look into binge drinking,

underage drinking, fraternity and sorority systems and the overall

culture of the institution as it relates to alcohol and substance

abuse issues,” according to a university press release.

Many students at the game did not think this was a necessary


“Again (this is) the result of a few people messing up a

situation for the rest of the student body,” said Brian Hattel, a

senior civil engineering major.

Erik Broman, a senior business major, agreed.

“I think it’s unfair that because of an isolated incident we

have to live with that mistake,” Broman said.

Even with the new strategy to control drinking, it was not a dry

night in the Hughes Stadium parking lot.

Thousands of students and parents tailgated at the game several

hours before kickoff.

Some students did not mind the new policy because they were

still allowed to drink alcohol in the parking lot, although some

people were concerned drinking in the parking lot would


“I don’t think (the new rule) will affect (the game) because

there is still drinking outside,” said Sarah Holt, a sophomore math


Other tailgaters did not mind the new policy because the beer

was more expensive inside the stadium.

Regardless of the new rule, students still packed the stadium

Saturday night, setting a season opener attendance record of 33,501

Rams fans.

“(It is) sad but understandable,” said Arek Vandam, a junior

economics major.

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