Sep 162004
Authors: Ken Zetye

So you think the war in Iraq was and is a bad idea. Why? I’m

sure you have many creative ideas as to how to answer that

question. Bush is just fighting the war his father never did? Bush

and Cheney are gaining something from their old friends the oil

tycoons in Texas? Or perhaps Bush just loves to see people die,

bombs to fall and people to be in misery? Well let’s get serious

about this.

A year and a half ago every major intelligence agency in the

world thought Saddam Hussein harbored a large stockpile of VX gas,

mustard gas, anthrax and more terrible weapons of mass destruction.

They were wrong. Saddam was bluffing. So we dethroned an innocent

man? Hell no! Saddam Hussein did not get the nickname, “The Butcher

Of Baghdad” because he cut a good T-bone. I have seen the holes

filled with the remains of hundreds and thousands of Iraqi

civilians. Many wearing test equipment, and some just shot in the


Why would the U.S. spend so much on a war for oil that would

hurt our own economy? We wouldn’t. If we had wanted the oil we

would have dropped the sanctions years ago and just started buying

oil from Iraq at whatever price we named. As the price of oil

increases the American oil companies grow richer. If the United

States market is flooded with foreign oil then our oil producers,

like Bush’s Texan friends, are out of business. The price of oil is

way up now you say? Well O.P.E.C. is the organization that sets the

world price of oil, and they are certainly no friends of the United

States Government.

What is the war in Iraq about then? It is about human rights.

The war in Iraq is about letting men and women argue over the

issues in their campus newspapers. The war is about letting people

in Iraq have opportunities to make their lives better that have

nothing to do with their religious preference or ethnic background.

This war is about making America safe from terrorists that want

nothing more than to kill you and your family.

These terrorists are being bred in many Middle Eastern

countries. The most hated people on the planet are the Jews of

Israel. There have been many attempts by all of Israel’s Arab

neighbors to kill every last Jew they can get their hands on. In

the public schools of Iran, Hitler is seen as a hero that is only

faulted for not completing the job of exterminating the Jews. In

Egypt, it is common for public warnings to be issued that “the Jews

have poisoned the candy to kill children and make women sexually

promiscuous.” Well who is Israel’s greatest ally? The United States

is. We have decided not to let this race of people be wiped from

the earth. For our concern for the people of Israel we have taken

on the title of the “infidels.”

The fact at the end of the day is that the there is no more

government in Iraq killing its own people by the hundreds of

thousands, and there are many people in Iraq that are trying to

topple the principles of democracy that we are trying to hold up.

Well what is to be done? Build a new Iraq. Give the people of this

new country the rights and privileges we enjoy here in the states.

Most importantly give the people of Iraq education, and the

opportunities that every American enjoys. Then we will have begun

to put an end to the anti-American sentiment that has plagued that

region since the end of World War II.

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