Sep 152004
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Ski and snowboarding season is about to kick off, and the CSU

Snowriders are ready to hit the slopes.

The Snowriders, formerly the Skibums, is a student organization

that offers students a way to get involved and see the great white

outdoors. Snowriders held its expo on the Lory Student Center Plaza


“We are the social ski and snowboard club on campus,” said

Ledlie Mosch, Snowriders co-president and senior art major. “We get

people together to hit the hill.”

Last year the club had about 250 to 300 members, Mosch said.

“Our members fill up Clark (Building) A-101,” said Emily Gross,

a new member this year and a junior graphic design major.

The club sponsors a five-day trip to Jackson Hole, Wyo., in

January. It costs $430 for transportation, food and lift


Gross has been impressed so far.

“So far I’ve just gone on a couple day trips which has been

awesome,” Gross said. “(The club) gives you some awesome


A membership fee of $35 for first-year members and $30 for

returning members will get students a T-shirt, water bottle and an

identification card and student discounts from local shops and ski

resorts. The ID card and water bottle are new benefits this


“It’s an actual member card with a picture and barcode,” Mosch


Erika Martinez, a senior studying merchandising, is in charge of

sponsor relations for the club.

“(My job is) to maintain relationships between sponsorships and

the club,” Martinez said. “I just call them, hang out with

employees, (and) establish what can be done to benefit both


Martinez said she has added several sponsors in her year with

the club.

Lisa Teesch-Maguire was on the Plaza during the expo as a

volunteer with Copper Mountain and Winter Park.

“It’s definitely a good deal,” Teesch-Maguire said. “Mary Jane

(at Copper Mountain) has the best bump ski in Colorado.”

The Mountain Shop, 632 S. Mason St., was also at the Expo. It

has sponsored Snowriders on and off for about six years, said Brian

Holcombe, a manager at The Mountain Shop and a former CSU


“I think it’s a great deal for students,” Holcombe said. “They

can get out and meet people and also get a lot of good deals around


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