Dear Editor:

Sep 092004

Like your own opinion piece in Wednesday’s paper, I am horrified knowing two people were abandoned in their darkest hours. Being left after falling off a moving car seems like something out of Mean Girls–not like something that real people would actually do.

Have we suddenly completed a cycle of speciation? Is there no resemblance between what used to constitute a person and what now does–a robotically driven consumer completely absent of an internal existence?

I suppose we wouldn’t act so much like cool people in the media if we were also fed role models with clarity of thought and extraordinary goodness. It is in our nature to mirror our surroundings, but I’m not so sure I like the air I breathe these days. When we are instructed by advertisers to fear disapproval by our peers, remember that aspect of humans which makes the world go ’round: a need for connectivity, rain or shine. We are encouraged to be island nations so that each one of us contributes to someone-up-top’s leather couch, but you can’t give yourself CPR if you’re the one with the head injury AND the only one around.

I don’t want peers who are more trainable than independent. Don’t let your image double as your soul–you can’t make a good friend if you’re raising your image like a puppy. Search for values with actual consequences and commit to them.

Cady McClurg

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