Sep 082004
Authors: Nickolas LoFaro

Fort Collins citizens can work out their eyes and their legs every month at the Friday Gallery Walks in Old Town.

Art businesses in Old Town have grouped together to show off artist’s work. Patrons can take a walking tour of these art galleries, sampling wine while admiring art, every first Friday of the month all year around.

Each of these galleries shows some of the finest art that Fort Collins has to offer.

Last Friday’s Gallery Walk, the first of the series, featured artist Carl Jorgensen who shared stories of his life and the inspiration for his pieces. His watercolor paintings of western influence, show Colorado landscapes during every season. Jorgensen was a horticulture professor at CSU in the 1940s and uses his knowledge of plant science in his artwork.

“Autumn is my favorite season to paint because of the way that Colorado’s landscape becomes so colorful,” Jorgensen said.

He plans to paint more skiing activities because of the sport’s cultural importance in Colorado.

Many other critically-acclaimed artists featured their work throughout the gallery. Many artists, most of whom were CSU graduates, have managed to take their love of sculpture, paint and photography and make a business out of it.

“I majored in engineering, and I am now a full time sculpture artist,” said Laura Kadlec, a sculpture artist and CSU graduate. Kadlec’s Chicago-style, illuminated sculptures showed the influence of her engineering degree.

“College is a great opportunity for art students to become surrounded by diverse criticism. All artistic people should set up time every day to practice their art. It’s like writing because even if it’s bad, at least you are still practicing,” said Diana Zweygardt, a weaving artist and CSU graduate.

Zweygardt’s art was influenced by her time spent in western Colorado.

The Gallery Walk is held from 6 to 9 p.m. in Old Town the first Friday of every month. Visitors have the chance to see fresh local art from many different artists. Information is available at art galleries throughout Old Town.

Old Town art galleries

Illustrated Light Gallery of Fine Art Photography

#1 Old Town Square, Suite 103

Indigo Gallery

163 W. Mountain Ave.

Innovative Gallery

223 Linden St.

Lloyd’s Art Center

216 N. College Ave.

Old Town Art and Framery

173 N. College Ave.

Trimble Court Artisans

118 Trimble Court

Walnut Street Gallery

217 Linden St.

Bas Bleu Theatre and Gallery

216 Pine St.

Benson Gallery

123 N. College Ave.

Canyon Spirit Gallery

246 Pine St.

Centennial Galleries

233 Linden St.

The Collective

218 Linden St.

Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

201 S. College Ave.

Fort Collins Museum

200 Matthews St.

Frames by Meko

346 E. Mountain Ave.

Gallery 233

233 Jefferson St.

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