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With well-known songs like “Letters to You” and “Perfection Through Silence,” Finch, from Temecula, Calif., has become popular enough to consistently hear on the radio or even download as a ring tone for cell phones. Their debut album, “What it is to Burn,” was released over two years ago but still manages to climb in popularity.

They have toured with bands like the Rx Bandits, New Found Glory and The Used all across the nation, but last Friday the mosh-pits at the Aggie Theatre were boiling as Finch performed here in Fort Collins.

The Collegian managed to finagle a last second interview with guitarist Randy Strohmeyer (R2K) behind the Aggie Theatre after the show.

Using one of the tires from Finch’s enormous touring bus as our backrest, the interview went as follows:

Compared to the rest of your schedule, which is mostly bigger cities, Fort Collins is kind of a two-horse town. What’s the reason you guys choose to play here?

R2K: We always play Fort Collins and we always didn’t do extraordinarily well. When we would come through, it was usually a smaller show and it seemed like people just came because it was something to do, but today was an amazing show. I just had a blast in there and the crowd had so much energy.

So what’s the worst show you’ve ever been forced to endure?

R2K: Probably this show that just happened a few weeks ago at this town fair in Pennsylvania.

Why, was it just a bad crowd?

R2K: That, and because we got into a fight with this band called Disturbed.

Did you win?

R2K: Hell ya, I’d say so.

It’s been a long time since you’ve released a new album. Any news as to when that might finally happen?

R2K: Actually, we’re pretty sure it’ll be out by January.

So it’s not already over for Finch then?

R2K: Finch will be around no matter what and we’re gonna keep making the music that we want to make because we’re finally past the point of caring whether people are going to like it or not, so we’re just gonna play for ourselves. This new album might not be as accepted as our last one because it is so much more dramatic and has so much emotion in it. We all like it though because it reflects who we are.

(At this point, the interview is interrupted for several minutes as wandering fans notice R2K and plead for autographs and pictures.)

What’s the most bizarre thing a fan has asked you to autograph?

R2K: There’s a lot of weird things but nothing really stands out. I know you’re expecting me to say, ‘someone’s ass,’ or breast or something but I don’t do that.

Why not? Does that go against your morals?

R2K: Ya. I just feel bad doing that stuff.

So there’s probably no need to ask if you’ve ever had your way with some young, impressionable fan in the back of the tour bus.

R2K: (Laughter) Nope, that’s just not me.

How very admirable. What about this scream singing, what’s that all about?

R2K: It seems like it’s becoming a trendy thing, I know. There are so many bands doing that now.

Is that why it’s being called ‘scr-emo’?

R2K: (as some giddy girl runs up and hugs him) They can call it whatever they want, it’s stupid. I mean, people might think it’s weird but I’m pretty over that to be honest. We do what we do and we were (scream singing) before everyone else.

You say that you’re over scream singing, but a lot of people claim that pop-punk in general is dying out and that heavier music like yours is back in.

R2K: It definitely is, but I don’t really follow trends. I don’t want our music to be some trend. You know what I mean? We just do our thing and if it gets too saturated, we’re going to try and change it. Our new stuff, I don’t think it’s standard and it’s not like our old stuff either. It’s basically like paving a new road for us musically.

Recently, Finch has had a lot of success and there’s been a surge of demand for your music. What do you attribute this to?

R2K: (laughing modestly) I think it’s weird that you notice we’re getting bigger because I’ve noticed that we’re definitely getting … happier. We just took a whole year off because I went through this phase where I would go on the Internet and see what kids were saying about us, if they even gave a sh** anymore. I would read all the postings of people talking about our band. I know it shouldn’t bother me and I should just let it slide but I put so much effort into this band that it just got to me when sh** like that would happen.

There are a lot of aspiring bands here in Fort Collins who dream of, one day, touring around the nation like Finch is. Do you have any advice to offer them?

R2K: You just have to love it and keep at it. Do whatever you can to get to the point where you ignore the image of success you have in your head because that’s when you’ll be happiest with the music with what you’re doing. If you’re not doing whatever your passion is, you’re just gonna be miserable. That’s what got Finch where we are today. We just always enjoy what we do.

Finch will be touring through Fort Collins again early next fall. For more information of the band, go to

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