Sep 012004
Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

Beastie Boys To The Five Boroughs

Definitely ch-check out this disc, but understand that the Beastie Boys have grown up. The boys who once told you to “fight for your right to party” now command you to “party for the right to fight.” The beats are still the same ill head-bangers, and the music is still intergalactic, but it’s more studio-defined. This album is a definitive tribute to New York City and propels post-9/11 hip-hop, (see album cover). Much more substance in “Boroughs” makes the album the group’s finest work yet. Bump it at parties and bump it before the election.

Tiger Army, III Ghost Tigers Rise

Somewhere between 2004’s anger-fueled speed-punk and the 1950s swinging rockabilly exists a band called Tiger Army. “Ghost Tigers Rise” is the mix of punk and rockabilly in a genre called psychobilly. The trio has the fun chops of Dick Dale’s surf guitar thrashing next to a stand-up bass and punk drums. The lyrics, however, are contradictory to the music concerning comic book ideals such as death, ghosts and fire. The beach just got darker.

The Roots, The Tipping Point

Staying true to their roots, the Roots hold on to the belt as the reigning kings of the underground with the Tipping Point. The album starts off strong, sampling and adding some flavor to Sly and the Family Stone’s “Everybody is a Star.” The infectious acoustic beats played by the drummer ?uestlove have given the Roots their sound, and the lyrics and rhymes have grown now that the band has been out of Philadelphia. Tipping Point has a club feel, but the Roots still are concerned more with “Bowling for Columbine” than icy grills.

Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud, This Magnificent Distance

The distance between the days of the Black Crowes and Chris Robinson’s solo work is seemingly longer now. Although Robinson’s lyrics have become crafted romantic poetry, (a product of having Kate Hudson as his wife and his son’s mama), and his approach to rock ‘n’ roll has become more folk-oriented, he still has had a successful solo career and has found time to write Lennon-esque songs. Although the Black Crowes have flown south, Chris Robinson has managed to carry on, and, well, … marry Kate Hudson.

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