Aug 312004
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

No, Red Sox faithful, your team will not win the World Series

this year. All of you who boldly hope for a cure to the Bambino

Curse will not find it by trading Nomah, or getting all the players

as shaggy as Johnny Damon. The first Red Sox World Series win since

1918 will not come after riding the Wild Card into the play offs.

Taking the division lead isn’t going to happen either.

But don’t worry all you Boston fans. For those of you whose

first phrase as a baby was “maybe next year,” next year could

finally be here. That is if something happens on Nov. 2 to better

your chances in 2005.

Maybe you have heard of a man named John Kerry. He’s a fairly

tall man, graying hair, slim, with a chin that recalls an image of

Jay Leno. I think I heard somewhere he is a senator of sorts, and I

remember seeing him out and about the week of the Democratic

National Convention in Boston at, yes, a Boston Red Sox game. Live

on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, millions of people were able to

watch the Democratic nominee for president answer some real

questions on some important issues that will in the end matter to

the voters.

As a baseball fan and a member of the Democratic Party, I took a

vested interest in what the man who has been labeled the future

president had to say. Here it is, I thought, here is where I will

hear the answers to the questions that really matter.

Should there be a designated hitter in Major League


No, Kerry doesn’t think there should be.

Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?

No, Kerry doesn’t think so.

I agree on both accounts.

Of course these are not the only questions I want to ask of a

presidential nominee. There are more serious issues at stake.

There’s the War on Terrorism, and there are soldiers on the other

side of the globe who need our support. But baseball is America’s

favorite pastime. It is a game that is central to America, although

it is spreading to nations all over the world. It has been

connected to politics since its inception. Presidents have thrown

out first pitches, they have attended games, they have offered

predictions and, in the case of President Bush, they have even

owned a share of a team.

During maybe the most important week of his career, the week in

which he was named Democratic nominee, Kerry went to a baseball


During the most important week of his presidential career, Bush

authorized a war on Iraq based on weapons of mass destruction.

What does all of this have to do with the Boston Red Sox and

their quest to win a World Series and get rid of The Curse? It all

hinges on one man: Sen. John Kerry from Massachusetts.

With the presidential candidates running neck and neck in a race

that could have a photo finish, there’s an important issue on the

ballot: Do you want the Boston Red Sox to win a World Series? If

so, check that box for Kerry on Nov. 2, and don’t leave any hanging

chads. Sorry Cubs fans, maybe with Barack Obama in 2008.

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