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Aug 242004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

On Monday CSU officials suspended the five students who were

arrested for this weekend’s riots.

These students were in breach of the university’s zero-tolerance

riot policy, which prohibits the violation of a state law and

university ordinance against student involvement in riots.

Disciplinary actions will be issued before the students go through

the judicial process.

We feel the students should not be suspended until they are

proven guilty of the crimes because the students pose no threat on

campus, as their crimes do not involve assault toward other people.

However, their charges are legitimate and these students did make a

mistake by being at the riot.

These students should face disciplinary action, but only after

they are proven guilty. The university is correct in showing the

community it disapproves of these students’ behavior, but there are

ways to illustrate control and reassure the community without

taking away the individual rights of students.

A more proper response would be to inform the community that

disciplinary actions will be taken toward these individual students

after their convictions. Other possibilities would include more

patrol of areas around campus and harder crackdowns on parties and

partygoers exhibiting disorderly behavior.

We agree with the university’s decision to discipline these

students, but it would be more appropriate after the students’

criminal hearings and the final rulings on the situation.

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