O-Team, “O”-so good

Aug 182004
Authors: Megan Buettgenbach

The Orientation Team at CSU, or O-Team is here to help.

The O-Team is a group of upperclassmen that help ease freshman into the college transition.

For over 30 years there has been an O-Team in each residence hall to help freshmen move in the first week of school.

O-Team members are available at each hall to help unload cars, answer questions and give directions.

“We help with check-in,” said Chris Clarke, a junior sociology major and co-chair for the O-Team at Parmelee Hall. “We help the staff and distribute information packets to every room in the hall.”

But O-Team does more than just push paper. They also want to get to know new students on a more personal level.

“I enjoy getting to know the social side of Parmelee,” said Jennifer Leone, a junior business administration student and the other co-chair of O-Team at Parmelee. “You make friends and get to know others.”

This year, O-Team members moved into their respective residence halls on Aug. 15 to prepare the halls and decorate them.

“It’s nice to get up here a week early,” Clarke said. “It’s also a good way to expand leadership skills and get to know people within the hall.”

Leone feels the same.

“I want to make life for freshmen a little bit easier and to make it a comfortable environment to meet others,” Leone said.

Any students that have lived in the residence halls can become a member of the O-Team.

“I think it is a great way to give back to the university,” said Shirley Portillos, assistant director of residence life. “I think it is a great way to welcome new students to campus.”

There are also many perks to being a part of O-Team.

“It’s nice to get up here early and have quiet time before everything gets hectic,” Clarke said. “For those who want to expand on their leadership skills, it’s a great way to get your foot in the door if you are planning to be a part of any kind of student group.”

*Graphic ideas: breakout box on either:

1. Telling students to look for O-Team members wearing the light green shirt

2. On how to become an O-Team member next year, but that it already covered in the text.

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