To the Editor:

Aug 032004

Joe Jabaily was the unaffiliated candidate for state house in

the Loveland area against incumbent Republican Rep. Jim Welker.

In a tragic accident on July 25, Dr. Jabaily was hit by a motor

vehicle while racing on his bike.

While Dr. Jabaily may not have held many of the same beliefs

with Rep. Welker, he was an accomplished neurosurgeon and a

dedicated member of the community.

He was a strong advocate of education and environmental


Rep. Welker has been spending time with Joe’s friends and family

expressing his condolences.

I knew Joe. He was a fun guy. I had the privilege of learning

more about Thompson Valley School District R2J from him, and I know

that he will be long missed in that community.

He was sincere and honest. He was a doctor to my


Let us remember Joe and his family in our thoughts and


He passed away doing something he really enjoyed, racing a



Chuck Fogland


CSU College Republicans

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