Jul 202004
Authors: Evan M. Truesdale

CSU students have been allotted 1,000 tickets to this year’s CSU

vs. University of Colorado-Boulder football game.

This is a decrease from last year’s total of more than 7,000

student tickets.

The only way students can get tickets to this year’s CSU vs. CU

football game is if their name is selected in a lottery to be held

in the fall. Five hundred students will be selected and will be

able to purchase a maximum of two tickets at the $55 face value.

Officials have not yet decided how the lottery will operate.

“We did not want to make these tickets available to students

until everyone was back on campus, because we did not think that

would be equitable to those students not on campus,” Ozzello


The game will be held in Boulder this year, rather than in

Denver, where it was played the past three years at Invesco Field

at Mile High.

“About seven or eight years ago CU and CSU agreed to play a

three-year series at Invesco Field, only if CSU would come to CU

for two straight years,” Ozzello said.

This is the first of those two years, after which the two teams

would not have to play each other again until 2008. That decision

stood until this summer, when directors of both CSU and CU

athletics announced that the teams would play in 2006 and would

continue to face each other until 2014.

When the two teams face off in 2006, it will be at Invesco

Field, with CSU playing as the home team. For every even-numbered

year until 2014 CSU will be the home team with the choice to play

at either Invesco Field or Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium.

All of CU’s home games will be played in Boulder.

Non-students had a chance to buy tickets to the Sept. 4 football

game on Friday. Faculty and alumni who donate at least $100

annually to CSU athletics, which makes them members of CSU’s Ram

Club, can purchase tickets that are not among the 1,000 reserved

for students.

These reserved tickets are the same price as those for students,

Ozzello said. He added that faculty and administration could

purchase tickets “only if they are Ram Club members.”

Any tickets not sold to Ram Club members will be offered to the

student body.

“There are no complementary tickets available,” Ozzello said.

“We are providing 300 tickets to the CSU band; the athletic

department is paying for each one of those.”

All schools that belong to the Big Twelve are contractually

obligated to make at least 1,200 tickets available to their

division rivals, David Plati, assistant athletic director for CU


There was a little confusion surrounding the ticket distribution

game until this week.

Officials at the two universities differed on how many tickets

will be available to CSU this week.

On Friday, Plati said the contract was for 5,000 tickets.

CSU gave a different number of tickets on Friday.

“We have only been allotted only 4,000 tickets by the University

of Colorado,” said Gary Ozzello, senior associate athletic and

media relations’ director. “We are working hard and feel that we

will be successful in getting 1,000 more tickets.”

Ozzello then confirmed on Monday that CSU had acquired the 5,000

tickets it wanted for distribution.

Associated Students of CSU Vice President Ben Goldstein said

there would be a Ram Road Trip to the game, although the cost of

the trip is still unknown.

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