Jun 292004
Authors: Kyle Endres

Some changes are in store for two of CSU’s vice presidents.

After almost a year at CSU, President Larry Penley has decided

to restructure the university administration, and two of the five

current vice presidents will take on expanded roles starting

Thursday. The Board of Governors for the CSU System approved the

reorganization last week.

Tony Frank, vice president for Research and Information

Technology, will add to his duties the new senior vice president

position. This position will lead the university’s academic,

research and student affairs areas, according to a university news


Linda Kuk, vice president for Student Affairs, will add the

duties of dean of admissions to her current role.

“My goal in all of this is to put together a comprehensive

recruitment plan that will tie into the goals (Penley has) outlined

in his inaugural address and that will tie into the

strategic-planning process,” Kuk said.

Penley and Frank were unable to be reached before the newspaper

went to press.

However, Penley wrote an e-mail to the university community

stating that with several key constitutional and financial

challenges facing the university, the restructuring will help

strengthen CSU’s management structure.

“The financial pressures faced by CSU mean that I must

accelerate my efforts to provide the consistent leadership, good

management and regular communication you need to be successful in

the environment that currently exists,” Penley wrote.

Frank, who has been a CSU vice president since August 2000, is

currently in charge of the university’s research funding. He is

also a former associate dean and department chair in the College of

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

“Larry Penley has set an ambitious course for Colorado State in

the coming years, and I’m confident that working together, we can

reach our goals and even better meet the needs of the society we

exist to serve,” Frank said in the news release.

Kuk has been a CSU vice president since 2001 and is also a CSU


She believes the added workload of the admissions dean position

will be “workable” because the people involved are all dedicated to

the effort.

“My motivation is really tied to really caring about this

place,” Kuk said.

One of her main goals for admissions is to evaluate and increase

recruiting efforts, she said.

“One of the goals that we have is to be a little more out there

in terms of recruiting efforts, especially out of state,” Kuk


Kuk said the admissions-office structure will stay mostly the

same, but she will be taking some time to evaluate the office and

look at what it might need in terms of increased resources and


Penley also made a change to the Office of Equal Opportunity, in

large part because of recent Supreme Court decisions, according to

his e-mail.

Dana Hiatt, the office’s director, will report directly to

Penley, as well as to John Lincoln, senior adviser to the president

who came to the university on April 1. Lincoln is in charge of

coordinating diversity and improving enrollment management at


“This reorganization is designed to place Colorado State’s

academic core at the center of all we do, taking advantage of the

university’s research maturity, maintaining a focus on diversity

and centralizing our admissions activity in ways that further

strengthen our student body,” Penley said.

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