Theater prepares to open

Jun 222004
Authors: Evan Truesdale

Despite a week delay, CSU’s Summer Cafe Theatre is scheduled to

open and run a full season of three different productions.

Several setbacks prevented the technical crew from painting,

rigging lights and continuing construction. After 28 years in

production, this is the first time that the summer theatre has been

delayed for any reason.

“The delays that are happening right now are due to this

wonderful precipitation we’re having, ” said Alana Minor, director

of publicity for the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance.

The past few years have been difficult for the summer


“We’re 28 years old this year, we almost lost the theatre last

year due to budget cuts. My staff with high school volunteers and

two college students managed to get over $10,000 in donations for a

silent auction and we sold everything and we saved summer theatre,”

Minor said.

2004 is also a year of transitions for the resurrected summer


“Dr. Burns, who is one of the founders of summer theatre, is

retiring and he has handed off this venue to Dr. Eric Prince, a

British playwright and Becket scholar, someone where very lucky to

have here in our department,” Minor said

This year the theatre will feature three different plays;

“Little Shop of Horrors,” “A Triumph of Love” and “The Last Five


“The Last Five Years” is a two person musical production that is

a self-directed performance by CSU graduate music students Britta

and Travis Risner. Britta Risner also produced the soundtrack.

“The Last Five Years” deals with the divorce of a couple that

have been together for five years. Members of the CSU theatre

community have compared the musical’s soundtrack to the Broadway

production “Rent.”

As the new opening date looms near, the technical staff said

they will be ready and are currently preparing for the technical


“In a technical rehearsal we add all the technical elements to

the show, the actors (had) been rehearsing with just tape marks on

the floor,” said Jimmie Robinson, the technical director and

lighting designer for Summer Cafe Theatre, “A tech rehearsal is

with a full set, all the props, the sound is added, we’ll have all

the sequencing and cues of when the lights come up.”

Robinson has good things to say about the upcoming season.

“I’ve seen rehearsals for two shows and they’re very good,

“Little Shop of Horrors” is going to be a funny, outstanding show.

“A Triumph of Love” is a clever, funny show.”

The theatre will be holding its annual reception on campus on

July 19. The event is open to the CSU public.

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