Summer Concert Preview

May 092004
Authors: Chris Kampfe

Some CSU students staying in the Fort this summer may be

wallowing in the myth that the city clears out when the school year

is over, thinking their social life will slip into a three-month

hibernation. Other students are gearing up, and scrounging every

penny from between the couch cushions to catch a few of the

plethora of great concerts and festivals in and surrounding the

Fort Collins area this summer. Here are a few events that are sure

to put a halt on your endless-summer blues:


18th, Tuesday, Ogden Theater in Denver – Cursive and Saul


This show has all the makings of a very special evening. Come

hear the sounds of Cursive, a prominent face on the ever-rising

Saddle Creek Record Company out of Omaha, Neb., that seems to be

popping out amazing indie bands, such as Bright Eyes and Rilo

Kiley, like it was a job. Joining Cursive is Saul Williams, one the

most poetic and intense acts to come into the hip-hop scene in

quite some time. This collaboration is sure to bring the audience a

memorable, intense and emotional evening of music.

26th, Wednesday, Coors Amphitheatre in Englewood – Coors

presents, “VH1 Classic Summer Hits” with Nelson, Peter Frampton and


Is there really any better excuse to slam a sixer of Coors and

scream in your best alien voice, “Do you feel … like I do?” If

you’re feeling really saucy, keep practicing your best Eric Cartman

impression and let loose when Styx plays, “Come Sail Away.” You

won’t be alone, I promise.

28th, Friday, Avogadro’s Number, Ft. Collins – Hit and Run

Bike down to Avo’s this Friday night for some great bluegrass,

courtesy of Hit and Run. This band recently participated in and won

the bluegrass battle at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. If the

bluegrass isn’t enticing enough, at least go grab a tempeh burger

and hear what you can from the diner.

30th, Sunday, The Bluebird Theatre, Denver – Bob Schneider and

Ari Hest.

Touring together here are two great singer-songwriters with two

unique styles. Schneider, a veteran on the scene from the blooming

musical metropolis of Austin, Texas, has such a range of

songwriting he can instigate a full-out bar brawl and swoon over

your girlfriend in the same song. The man’s shows are truly

entertaining and worth footing the bill. Hest doesn’t bring as much

energy to the shows but is a talented act as well, often being

compared to James Taylor.


4th – 6th , Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Bellevue – Yonder Mountain

String Band.

Mishawaka is a diamond in the rough. If you have not had the

pleasure of seeing a show at the theater 13 miles up the Poudre

Canyon, this is one of the best unknown concert venues in the

country. Yonder Mountain brings its “dance your butt off” bluegrass

to welcome in June and the beginning of a stretch of great concerts

at The Mish.

15th – 19th, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison – The Dead.

Grab your crystals, an appetite for “dank” veggie quesadillas

and enough Febreeze to get that hippie/patchouli smell off your

tie-dye: The Dead are back. For a second year, the remaining

members of the Grateful Dead grace the stage at Red Rocks for six

nights of dancin’ in the streets. Allegedly the spirit of Jerry

will be somewhere in the audience this tour … at least he’s

supposed to be if you’ve eaten enough of the brownies.

19th, Saturday, Universal Lending Pavillion – Dave


If you haven’t heard of this guy, or at least the catch phrase,

“I’m Rick James (explictive deleted)!” then you probably haven’t

set foot on campus this semester. Straight from the silver screen

of “Half-Baked” and Comedy Central, Dave Chappelle brings his

stand-up act to Denver for an evening of pure enjoyment. Note: This

isn’t Bob Hope, and your grandma would probably slap Dave’s face

for some of his choice words, so be careful whom you invite.

25th, Friday, Paramount Theatre, Denver – Al Green.

Any craving you’ve ever had to be swooned away by the sweet,

sweet sounds of soul is sure to be satisfied this night. Bring a

bottle of wine, your favorite suede robe and really, things just

can’t go wrong for you tonight.

26th, Saturday, Red Rocks – 311, The Roots, Medeski, Martin and


Here we go, a collaboration that brings a little bit of sound

for everyone. The progressive jazzy groove of MMW, the funky

rap-rock of 311 and the self-described “organic hip-hop jazz” of

the acclaimed Roots is a sure bet for concert picks this



10th, Saturday, Irish Festival, Littleton – The Young Dubliners

and Alasdair Fraser.

So St. Paddy’s Day was four months ago, whatever. It was cold,

and I still want to drink some Guinness. Come celebrate.

14th, Wednesday, Coors Amphitheatre, Englewood – Tim McGraw and

The Warren Brothers.

Country fans alas, your prophetic son has arrived and he has

brought The Warren Brothers with him to shake things up. Now, if we

could just get Skoal to come in as a second sponsor … ah,


24th, Saturday, Pepsi Center, Denver – Eric Clapton and Robert

Randolph and The Family Band.

So the tickets will cost you an arm and a leg, but it’s worth

it. Not many artists can plow through decades of hits like Clapton

has, and the fact that he has the energy to tour with the

relatively new Randolph, who’s soul-rock keeps audiences dancing

for hours – literally, hours – is quite a feat for “Old Slow


26th – 27th, Coors Amphitheatre, Denver – Lollapalooza 2004.

Perry Ferrell-you silly, silly man. Back and in full force is

Lollapalooza 2004 with, once again, a lineup of bands to satisfy

the needs of all. Acts include, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips,

Gomez, Sonic Youth and Sound Tribe Sector Nine, among others. Also

joining the tour this summer is the cloak-draped, warm-fuzzy cult,

known only as The Polyphonic Spree.


7th, Saturday, The Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – The Stockholm


Widespread Panic fans, Stockholm Syndrome has got what ails ‘ya.

A collaboration between long-time band friend Jerry Joseph, who has

written and performed with Panic, and Panic bassist Dave Schools

lead the Stockholm Syndrome through a summer tour that is getting

fans hyped for the shows.

9th, Monday, Coors Amphitheatre, Denver -The Beach Boys.

If you are sitting there joking to your friends what a dumb

choice this was, wipe that smirk off your face. The Beach Boys are

not only pioneers in the world of music as we know it now, but also

if you get past that “too cool for school” attitude and admit you

scream “Sloop John B” at the top of your lungs when you’re driving

alone, you can admit you’ll have a good time at the show.

27th – 28th, Friday, Pepsi Center, Denver – PRINCE!

‘Nuff said.

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