May 092004
Authors: Karissa Ciarlelli

The Association for Student Activity Programming has big goals

for next year,

said Whitney Carlson, next year’s ASAP executive director.

As an entity within the Associated Students of CSU, ASAP is a

student-run organization devoted to providing students with

involvement opportunities, promoting school spirit and promoting

community awareness.

“We take student fees and put on events we think students would

like to attend,” Carlson said.

This year, ASAP hosted concerts, Homecoming, Family Weekend, Ram

Welcome events, CSU Idol, “Skeller Sessions” and Friday night

movies, as well as cultural and community outreach programs.

Carlson is currently the ASAP officer of special events. One of

her biggest goals as next year’s executive director, is to bring

concerts to Moby Arena.

“It’s one of our big dreams,” Carlson said, “I’m not sure if it

will happen yet or not.”

ASAP also hopes to appeal to a more diverse range of CSU

students next year and to reach more students through Ram Welcome,

Carlson said.

“I want to bring in more quality programs that a lot of students

will be interested in,” she said.

ASAP recently appointed 13 new chair members for next year, and

applicants gave a speech before a selections committee before being

voted onto the executive board.

Naomi Jones, the new director of marketing, said she and her

marketing committee will work to promote ASAP’s name and to get

students familiar with the events and activities it sponsors.

“Our hope is to make ASAP a household name,” Jones said.

Katie Dougan, the assistant director for advertising and

promotions, agreed.

“I want to make it big, so hopefully more students will attend

our functions,” Dougan said.

To promote activities, Dougan said ASAP will distribute booklets

during Ram Welcome and Centerainment and will have a banner

displayed in front of its office and at each ASAP event.

Cheree Sulcer, a freshman art major, said she has never heard of

ASAP but had been curious which organization was sponsoring events

around campus.

“I think it’s cool that they do so much for the students, and

sad that we don’t even know who they are,” Sulcer said.

ASAP has also sponsored programs designed to ease the nervous

tension of the end of the semester, including Green and Gold Week

from April 19 to 24, which celebrated the CSU football team’s first


During Green and Gold Week, ASAP also hosted flag football

games, a Frisbee golf tournament and gave out candy to people

wearing school colors.

Melissa Pester, the current ASAP executive director, said

despite the numerous events already hosted by the organization, its

members plan to continue working over the summer to ensure that

student events still occur.

“ASAP works hard all summer long to make sure special events

like Homecoming happen,” Pester said.


A few of ASAP’s upcoming events:

*Ram Welcome, August 19-22.

Thursday- Carnival

Friday- activities all day in the Lory Student Center

Saturday- an outdoor movie, volleyball and basketball games,


lessons in the LSC

*Homecoming week and Family Weekend: Sept 28- Oct 2, 2004. *CSU

Cinema, Friday nights, (will start the second Friday of the school


*Film Matters, Thursdays, once a month, a movie featuring an

international problem. A speaker may come in to talk about the


*College Bowl Trivia

*Stress relief program (end of year)

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