CSUPD recognizes its staff

May 062004
Authors: Jesse McLain

Wednesday evening the CSU Police Department took time to

recognize both its staff and civilians in an annual award


“Choosing who did the best of the best is hard to do,” said

CSUPD Capt. Bob Chaffee, who received a mentoring award at

Wednesday’s ceremony. “We very easily could have recognized

everyone in our department. I think they are probably some of the

most committed and hardest working law enforcement officers in the


Chaffee, who had been with CSUPD 27 years in January, certainly

appreciated his award from Wednesday.

“It’s always a privilege and a pleasure when your staff

recognizes that you put almost everything in you into your job,”

Chaffee said. “It’s kind of humbling, to be honest.”

Many within CSUPD share Chaffee’s sentiments about the

commitment of the staff, including Budget Administrator Cindy

Boham. Boham received an award for outstanding performance.

“I think they’re all great, that’s really what makes this

department,” said Boham, who has been with CSUPD for 16 years. “I

think they are truly dedicated, the people who have been here lots

of years have achieved many things.”

Among the top awards given were five for Employee of the Year,

which were awarded to civilian Roswitha Stuckwisch, campus safety

officer Jon Paul Matzke, student officer Christopher Robertson,

officer Darren Martinez and officer Jason Meisner. Awards were

granted for longevity, outstanding performance, department

commendation, mentoring, double duty, community service, physical

fitness, and pride and professionalism.

Joan Williams, records manager for CSUPD, has been with the

department for 15 years and still considers herself relatively


“The employees tend to be very stable; 15 years isn’t that

much,” Williams said. “I love them. We’re like a family, we really

are, we can count on each other for anything.”

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