Apr 282004
Authors: Brooke Harless

Name: Fear the Vacuum

Sound: “Our music is like an angry orgasm that pulses to the

beat of a drum with guitars added for her pleasure.”

Members: Mike Fitzpatrick, vocals, Kris Hodgell, bass, Daron

Pursley, guitar, Aaron Johnson, guitar and Shane Zweygardt,


Crowd Response: “Those guys really rock. I haven’t seen that

kind of onstage orgy of electric excitement since Merle Haggard

rocked the Dropbiscuit Inn,” said George Michael Cassidy, senior

history major.

Next Gig: May 23, Starlight.


Name: Native Joe and the Custer Alliance.

Sound: Transcendental Americana, power-funk with a little


Members: Joe Roybal, lead vocals and keyboard, Ryan Hoisington,

synthesizer and Ben Gaines, chord organ.

Crowd Response: “Their music is really unique, I mean really

unique. I wouldn’t say you could dance to it, but it’s definitely

amusing,” said Pamela Vetters, Fort Collins resident.

Next gig: Your backyard: 472-5363

Name: Daffection

Sound: An abrasive mix of metal and sappy romance songs with

strong guitar and angry lead vocals.

Members: Ray Thresher, vocals, Mark Lauwers, guitar, Kevin “Fat

bottom” Mickey, drums and Matt Boyd, bass.

Crowd response: “I saw them in their garage once and thought

they were pretty aggressive musicians. Then I saw them at the

Starlight and … I liked their garage performance better,” said

Karin Parker, senior graphic design major.

Next gig: May 17, Kat’s House of Sports, Arvada

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