Elections questioned?

Apr 112004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Rumors started flying Friday afternoon concerning a possible

appeal of Associated Students of CSU presidential and vice

presidential election results.

Sara Stieben, a Supreme Court justice for ASCSU and a member of

Dustin Zvonek and Kyle McCarthy’s campaign, requested a document

detailing the exact time each vote was received and for whom it was

made. Stieben did not comment on how the document was to be


“I personally got a document,” Stieben said. “There’s not

anything that anybody needs to worry about.”

But some people are worrying.

“Rumor has it that the Dustin and Kyle campaign is planning on

contesting the election,” said Brendan Burns, senior political

science student and former director of Student Activities for

ASCSU. “I don’t know if they’re going to. They may just be probing

into it just in case.”

McCarthy said he and Zvonek are not involved at all.

“Other than Dustin, I haven’t been in contact with anyone that’s

on our staff,” McCarthy said. “It’s kind of something that they’re

doing on their own accord.”

Election Manager Nathan Steinberg is not sure what to make of it


“For some reason they’re fighting it,” Steinberg said. “I can

picture something happening but I don’t know what could.”

Katie Clausen, ASCSU president-elect for 2004-2005, is worried

all the hype about faulty election results will reflect poorly on


“The thing that bothers me the most is it discredits the entire

process,” Clausen said. “It’s pretty frustrating. Dustin and Kyle

are being sore losers, basically.”

Jason Huitt, speaker pro tempore for the ASCSU Senate, said

other ASCSU members will receive the same document Stieben has on

Monday morning. He is not expecting much.

“We’re going to get to look at the same information they have,”

Huitt said. “My guess is that everything is going to blow over and

they’re not going to find anything.”

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