Top 5

Apr 072004

1) And then there were six. CSU Idol is getting close to being

over, and the tension and excitement is growing. Don’t miss out on

the Ramskeller hit of the semester on Friday night. Maybe Tito

Jackson will show up and try to revive his career.

2) Underground hip-hop represent. Eyedea and Abilities will be

at the Aggie Theater on Friday, thumping harder than the Easter


3) The Avalanche are in the playoffs. If there was ever an

excuse to sit in front of the television and drink beer, this is

it. A twelver of Pabst is only $7.

4) Local favorites Wasabi and 3 Peas are at the Aggie Saturday

night. Delicious.

5) It’s Easter weekend. Organize an egg hunt, eat jellybeans and

use this as your one legitimate chance to dress up like a


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