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Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

A taste of heaven between two pieces of bread is exactly what

the new Fort Collins sandwich joint, the Spicy Pickle is serving.

Since its grand opening on Feb. 13, some students have referred to

it as the “Pricey Pickle,” but this restaurant is definitely worth

paying a little more than usual for a gourmet sandwich.


Located at 123 N. College Ave., the Spicy Pickle appears to be

like any other sub shop in Fort Collins with some added classy

touches not to mention a brand new and spotless … everything.

All customers have to do is walk up, order a meal and pick a



Friendly, fast and helpful is the name of the Pickle’s service.

Many of their sandwiches have gourmet ingredients not usually found

on subs at other shops, and the employees happily answer any

questions you may have. They are also more than happy to wrap up

your remaining meal so customers can take it home because those

sandwiches are large, not to mention that the leftovers make a

great after-hours snack.

Main Courses

The Spicy Pickle serves three categories of grub: subs, salads

and Paninis, a hot-pressed, grilled sandwich served on focaccia


Manager Paul Brown suggests designing your own sandwich. The

great thing about this place is that for about $6.95, you can have

whatever you want on your own creation.

“The college kids love the unlimited toppings. Our toppings are

definitely what sets us aside from other sandwich shops around

town,” Brown said.

Toppings like sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted

eggplant and of course, spicy pickles, are great on almost any

sandwich they have. They also have a plethora of delicious spreads

like chipotle mayo and balsamic-honey vinaigrette. Add in some

turkey, salami or just veggies between your choice of white, wheat,

filone, ciabatta or focaccia bread and it’s one heck of a meal.

If a Panini sounds more appetizing than a regular sub, the

gobbler Panini is highly recommended. It has salsalito turkey,

artichoke hearts, feta cheese and sundried tomato mayo spread.

Another popular sandwich for the veggie lovers is the bastille.

This fat Panini has portabello mushrooms, roasted red peppers,

smoked Gruyere, red onions, tomatoes, sprouts and sundried tomato

mayo spread. Chips and a drink can be added for a little over $2


Who says too many sub shops in one town is a bad thing? As one

of Fort Collins newest editions to the abundance of sandwich shops

all around town, the Spicy Pickle definitely proves itself as an

Old Town favorite.

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