Senior returns

Mar 282004
Authors: Andrew Woerpel

Considering the lack of seniors on the Rams’ football team this

season, they are happy to see a familiar face returning.

Landon Jones, the Rams former starting safety, quit the team

during the 2003 football season after the opening-season loss to

the Colorado Buffaloes.

During the offseason Jones approached CSU coach Sonny Lubick

about the opportunity for a second chance. Lubick told Jones he

would get his chance to walk on in the spring.

“I have no ill-feelings towards a guy if he quit like that,”

Lubick said. “I felt we’d give him an opportunity. He’s been a

model citizen to this point on the football team.”

Though Jones left the team last season and decided to come back,

there seem to be no hard feelings expressed by his teammates.

“I think he was accepted back as soon as he stepped onto the

field,” senior defensive lineman Patrick Goodpaster said. “Every

guy chooses his own path; if you don’t have your whole heart into

it then you’re letting the team down.”

When Jones left the team he didn’t just sit around and do

nothing. He worked out all spring to make up for his absence,

something that also impressed teammates.

“It’s fine, he worked out all spring and worked out hard and

gained our respect back,” junior wide receiver David Anderson


Jones, who has been converted from safety to weakside

linebacker, has had it rough in practice, and will soon find it

will only continue to get harder. He must earn his way back on the


“You have to work your way back in and do it at your own

expense,” Lubick said.

Junior quarterback Justin Holland added, “I think everyone

deserves a second chance. He’s paying his own way and had a right

to come back.”

There is a need at linebacker for the Rams, which is why they

moved Jones over to weakside linebacker. Jones appears on the depth

chart behind junior college transfer Chris Davis.

“Landon is a guy we thought could always help the team,” Holland

said. “He’ll be a good addition and it will be nice to have a guy

with field experience out there.”

Jones’s attitude thus far has seemed to impress the team, whose

spring practices began Saturday and will continue through the

semester. He’s gone to practice without complaint and is working

hard to show he still belongs.

“I think he will help us a lot, he’s a great figure to have on

the team,” Anderson said. “He’s a great player and he’ll contribute

in that sense.”

The bottom line is the Rams want to win and Landon Jones

believes he is a guy who can help them do that.

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