Mar 242004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Larry Steward has had a hand in Student Media at CSU since


Steward is retiring at the end of March after 17 years as the

Student Media general manager.

“I’ve really enjoyed building an organization that really has

some outstanding students,” Steward said. “This university is a

hard place to leave.”

Steward graduated from CSU in 1973. He was the editor in chief

for The Collegian for the 1972-1973 academic year.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Steward said. “I didn’t think I’d stay

as long as I did.”

Those who work with Larry are sad to see him go.

“His expertise and knowledge will be hard to replace,” said Anne

Hudgens, executive director for Campus Life. “I’ve just been

massively impressed by the whole operation.”

Steward will remain on staff part-time into the summer to keep

things running smoothly and aid in the search for a replacement.

When he leaves CSU, Steward hopes to start his own

management-consulting business.

“He’s looking forward to some new and challenging adventures,”

Hudgens said. “I admire that spirit to want to try something


Steward’s current responsibilities include recruiting, hiring

and training Student Media professional staff, serving as a staff

resource, overseeing Student Media’s budget and coordinating

student-staff development and training. He has a bachelor’s degree

in journalism from CSU and a master’s degree in business

administration from the University of Colorado. Steward is also a

graduate of the U.S. Army photography school.

“He’s not afraid to try new things,” said Kim Blumhardt,

advertising manager for Student Media. “I hope the person who

replaces him has the same vision and the same leadership


Hudgens agreed.

“He’s sort of the quiet unsung hero among his colleagues,” she

said. “(He has the) ability to provide guidance without


Steward looks back on his time at CSU fondly, but he is looking

forward to see what his future holds.

“I’m both excited and sorry to leave the university,” Steward


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