Top 5

Mar 102004

1) Start your Spring Break a day early and go get your face

rocked off by mandolin phenomenon, Sam Bush, at the Aggie Theater

Thursday night.

2) If bluegrass isn’t your style, head across the street and

take a ride on the short bus, the Long Beach Short Bus that is. The

remaining members of Sublime will be at the Starlight Thursday,

nothing like riding on your former lead singer’s coattails until

you can’t get booked any more.

3) Friday, go see up-and-coming rockers Poison the Well and The

Bled at the Starlight. No, no, no! Don’t stop the rockin’!

4) Spend the weekend getting ready for Spring Break by watching

the episode of “The Simpsons” where Homer goes on Spring Break and

ends up killing an alligator. We built this city … on Rock and


5) If you’re not going anywhere for Spring Break, go to

Sullivan’s early next Tuesday morning for St. Patrick’s Day

festivities. If you’re gonna’ spew, spew into this.

* Compiled by Chris Hess

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