Feb 172004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Jason Kosena

Patrick Crossland

Christopher J. Ortiz

According to a Sports Illustrated article, a former University of Colorado football female teammate has surfaced with allegations of sexual abuse while playing for CU.

Reading the account of this former CU place kicker is shocking and horrific. She alleges one player rubbed his erect penis against her, that she was groped during huddles and was raped by a teammate. She is not suing CU or pressing charges, she simply wants changes to happen.

This newest allegation against the CU football program (three women have previously come out saying they were raped at a recruitment party in 2001) only testifies that something terribly wrong is happening in Boulder. We respect the notion that parties and people are innocent until proven guilty, but CU has done a very poor job in responding to rape and sexual assault charges. Coach Gary Barnett is quoted in the Sports Illustrated story saying the players were doing “her a favor” because “none of the players wanted her on the team.”

Until the investigative panel concludes their inquiry, Barnett and others linked to the allegations should be suspended with pay. These allegations are too serious for CU to allow these people to continue operating in their respected capacities. We are not pointing the finger of guilt toward Barnett and company, but until these severe allegations are sorted out they should not be allowed to continue their jobs.

We also feel the independent panel formed by CU President Elizabeth Hoffman should be given subpoena power to better investigate these allegations. If these alleged acts were committed by football players, then Barnett, being their head coach, should have known about it and if the allegations are true, we hope Barnett , CU and all participants face the sternest penalties.

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