Feb 042004
Authors: Daniel Hallford

Going into her 11th year at CSUs Theatre Department, Laura Jones

was looking for new theatrical ideas to explore. She found one in

“Beast on the Moon.”

The Bas Bleu’s newest production, “Beast on the Moon,” is

directed by Jones and captures human love and compassion.

“I just got sucked in,” she said. “It is the notion about how we

try to preserve memories.”

Jones had been around the block with her theatre productions,

doing everything from Shakespeare to 21st century work. Bas Bleu

gives her an opportunity to do fresh work and explore new avenues

of theatre.

“It’s important to do new work,” Jones said. “I’ve experienced

the advantages and disadvantages of Bas Bleu, but when I first read

‘Beast on the Moon,’ I immediately thought, this is right for Bas


The philosophy of a work is important to Jones and the themes

that shine through in “Beast on the Moon” provoke anything but

light feelings.

“It raises the subtle questions that give people something to

talk about on the way to the parking lot. The subtleties about what

it means to be American and how bad they (main characters, Seta and

Aram) are trying to be Americans.”

Jones has a passion for working out all of “the hard stuff” that

goes on in a production such as the societal issues, the moral

issues, historical issues, the acting abilities of the cast- the

list goes on and on.

“Some people say there are only two plots in the world,” Jones

said. “First you have your hero going off to seek his fortune, and

then secondly you have the stranger who comes into a status quo

situation and stirs it up. Beast on the Moon has both.”

Jones, a director at CSU and the Bas Bleu Theater in Fort

Collins for 10 years, loves to direct fresh and young actors, on

the verge of their career. In casting for “Beast,” Jones was

looking for actors with prior experience, but a strong desire to


“I enjoyed this cast very much because they were all hungry. I

was learning too, I was cracking the code,” she said.

Jones is currently preparing for her next directing effort, “The

Sideman,” which will show this spring in the Johnson Hall Theatre

on CSU campus.

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