Nov 172003
Authors: Ben Bleckley

Some came for the free food. Others to offer suggestions. Some

hopeful for a resolution to a frustrating current situation.

A forum discussing the current transportation congestion on

campus and future plans took place Monday in the Lory Student

Center West Ballroom. Representatives from city of Greeley, the

University of Colorado, Transfort and CSU shared transportation

ideas with students, faculty and staff.

“We know we have problems,” said Michael Rose, director of

University Parking Services. “Rather than try to reinvent the

wheel, we wanted to try to utilize some of the things that are

already out there.”

Judith Lavelle, TDM coordinator for the city of Greeley,

described the city’s Boomerang bus route, which provides direct

service in between the central and western campuses of the

University of Northern Colorado. She stressed the methods of

advertising new forms of transportation through posters, word of

mouth and student resources.

Tom Frazier, general manager of the Transfort Bus System,

outlined plans to increase the service of route 15 from the

Downtown Transit Center to CSU by 2008 and the start of night

service route 64 sometime next year, which would follow daytime

routes 15 and 2.

John Desch, a CSU Facilities Management service planner,

discussed the CSU Development Plan, especially parking, biking and

public transportation aspects. The main objective of the plan in

regard to transportation is to encourage parking on the perimeter

of the campus in lots and garages yet to be built.

David Cook, CU’s campus transportation modes coordinator,

offered some of the actions that community has taken, many of which

are similar to those taken in Fort Collins.

“There are other people out there who have answers and they’ve

worked just as hard as we have, to try to solve some of these

problems and they’ve come up with some solution that we just need

to modify,” Rose said.

Al Watson, a freshman mechanical engineering major, lives in

Loveland and rides the bus to and from campus each day. The ride

takes him two hours round trip.

“I have to take the Foxtrot up to the Square and then take bus 6

or 7 to school,” Watson said. “Most of the time I just spend

waiting for (the next) bus.”

Corey Behrens, a senior art major, said he came mostly for the

free food but also for his concern about campus transportation.

Rose said that if anyone has any other ideas regarding parking

or transportation, they can contact him directly at (970)


“We get a lot of complaints in parking (services),” he said.

“But we don’t get a lot of solutions or any kind of encouraging

things to try to help solve the problem. That was the whole






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