Nov 042003
Authors: Patrick Crossland

Voters cast their ballots no on Amendment 32, which aims to freeze property taxes at 8 percent to balance taxes between residential and commercial property.

The amendment failed by 77 percent, with 541,043 voters voting against it.

Opponents of the amendment say freezing the rates will force residential taxpayers to pay increasing property taxes while supporters argued the amendment would have made commercial property taxes more equal.

Even though this year was an off-year election, voting centers such as the one located in the University Park Holiday Inn, 425 West Prospect Ave., were not as busy as past years.

“It’s not quite as busy as most off-year elections, but it has been a steady pace,” said Cheri Wynstra an elections technician who said University Park Holiday Inn is the busiest local voting center as a result of its location and propensity to draw students.

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