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Oct 222003
Authors: Steve Latuda

The stats piled up last week, so please tell me you started

Quincy Carter like I said. He threw three touchdown passes, and

looked real sharp doing so. But this is a new week so lets go.

Love em’

Ricky Williams: He’s going to get the ball at least 30 times,

and touching the ball 30 times against the Chargers’ defense could

result into 200 yards and three touchdowns.

Stephan Davis: He ran for 159 yards and one touchdown in Week 5

against the Saints. He only touched the ball 11 times last week so

he should be well rested.

Jeff Garcia: Garcia was impressive against a good Tampa Bay

defense, and this week is going against a terrible Arizona D.

Payton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne: The Colts trio

should exploit a weak Texans’ defense just like the Titans did two

weeks ago. Harrison should have a monster game.

Baltimore’s defense: The Broncos have not fared well against

this defense the last three times they have played. Add that to the

fact that they are starting a third-string quarterback and the

Ravens should have a few interceptions and hold the Broncos to a

low score.

Others to love: New England’s defense, Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun

Alexander and Dallas’ defense.

Leave em’

Any Cleveland Browns quarterback: Who knows who will start, and

who knows who will finish? The Patriots will eat them up.

Jamal Lewis: The Broncos have not allowed a 100-yard rushing

performance from a running back this year, and the way the Ravens

throw the ball, they won’t need to worry about Baltimore beating

them through the air.

LaDainian Tomlinson: The Dolphins have a hard time stopping the

pass, but the Chargers cannot pass. So Tomlinson will be shut


Curtis Martin: His days as a starter are numbered.

Pick em’ up – Find these guys and plug them into your team.

Jerome Bettis: Starting again in Pittsburgh and will have the

motivation of watching from the bench pushing him this week. The

Steelers face the Rams who do a decent job stopping the run, but

Bettis might just find the end zone twice.

Arlen Harris: The Rams’ running backs are hurt and Harris is the

next healthiest back on the team. He looked good last week and

should perform well this week getting the start.

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