To the Editor:

Oct 072003

This letter may be a bit delayed but this is my response to Luke

Cornish’s article, “Cubs fans, none of them are really worth that


This weekend I attended Game four of the Chicago Cubs playoffs

at Wrigley Field. It was by far one of the most amazing experiences

in my life and I owe it all to Cubs fans.

I have been raised a Cubs fan because my mother grew up in

Chicago and being a Cubs fan just runs in my family. The fans at

Wrigley on Saturday were indescribable because you just had to be

there to know how incredible they are.

That’s the beauty of being a fan of any sport though, being

there for your team through the ups and downs. The Cubs have talent

and determination but what truly carries them through is their


But wait…what was this about the Cubs getting knocked out in

the first round? I somehow missed that point while watching on TV

tonight the cheering of the massive Cubs fan crowd as the Cubbies

took Game five from the Braves.

Although it was Luke Cornish’s opinion, next time he decides to

write an article, he should think of a good supporting argument to

back up his claims, like Holly Lindquist pointed out already.

All I can say now is: GO CUBS!

Jackie Sheppard

junior, technical journalism




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To the Editor:

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Oct 072003

We all should support any institution that promotes the idea of

diversity and equality. Unsurprisingly, most individuals would

agree with that statement; applying that statement to academics,

though, would make most people cringe. I find it highly amusing

that so many professors, fellow students and individuals in the

community are willing to make Colorado State and other locations of

higher learning their personal soapbox. More than amusing, though,

I find their actions to be hypocritical and highly destructive to

our education.

David Horowitz’s (advocate of the Academic Bill of Rights for

students) mission, and for that matter the mission that should be

of every university and professor, is to encourage a respectable

level of critical thinking. That critical thinking I’ve been taught

over the last four years, I’m ashamed to say, is to be critical of

conservative views and reject them outright – they’re obviously


No, they are not so obviously wrong; no opinion is ever

obviously wrong. But, the mission of Students for Academic Freedom

is not about protecting any one school of thought specifically;

it’s about protecting all of them, left to right. We should all

stand in support of this movement developing on our college campus

and others throughout our country. We stand to lose nothing if we

do, but if we don’t we can fail to balance the tables that have

been thrown askew by something that I think is painfully obvious –

educational discrimination.

Robert Lee

Senior, political science




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