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Sep 232003
Authors: Christiana Nelson

Fall may be just beginning, but on Tuesday the CSU Snowriders organization broke out the boots, bindings and boards for its annual Ski Expo on the Lory Student Center Plaza.

“Basically we want to expose our club to people interested in becoming members,” said Trevor Gamble, a sophomore business administration major and the treasurer of Snowriders. “We expose students to shops, mountains and our local sponsors and use a big fun event to interact socially with the university.”

Vendors such as The Wright Life, SkiTown.com, Steamboat Ski Resort, Loveland Ski Area and Skateboard Market met on the Plaza from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to support the Snowriders and to promote new products.

“We’re here to spread the word to the upscale, affluent student body of CSU,” said Greg Ralph, director of marketing for SkiTown.com. “Everyone is pumped up about the season. I’ve been a professional ski-bum for 25 years and I can’t wait.”

Skiers and snowboarders visited vendor booths and found endless information, prize drawings and free giveaways.

“I like to snowboard and saw the new line of snowboards sitting out and wanted to check it out,” said Josh Casserino, a sophomore mechanical engineering major. “They have all of the big companies and all the best setups. They also have catalogs and free stuff at the booths. I’d consider joining Snowriders.”

The Snowriders recently changed its name from the Ski Bums in an attempt to include all students who participate in snow activities.

“Ski Bums was a little archaic and dated,” Gamble said. “We want to make people feel more comfortable. Members can do whatever they want; they can go down the hill in a cardboard box. We don’t want it to be exclusive.”

Tara Manning, a junior psychology major, has been skiing for 12 years and attended the Ski Expo to see what the various vendors had to offer.

“I registered to win free snowshoes and found information on a new Web site about skiing,” Manning said.

Steamboat has been participating as a vendor in the Ski Expo for years because some CSU students ski at Steamboat to avoid I-70 traffic. Laura Sturges, a sales and marketing representative for Steamboat, said that participating in the event provides great exposure for the Steamboat “College 6-pack” pass.

“CSU does a lot for us and the Snowriders give us a lot of support,” Sturges said. “We give away posters, have Steamboat cards and Balance Bars, and if the offer is right I’ll give away my dog.”

A playful atmosphere at the Ski Expo is just what Snowriders’ Co-President Dan Sholl wanted to see.

“We want to get people excited about the upcoming season,” said Sholl, a senior marketing major. “Just pray for snow.”

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