To the Editor:

Sep 142003

I must admit that I was a bit exasperated by Marika Krause’s article “The Marginalized Right.” Perhaps it would be in the best interest of the advancements of women’s rights, but more broadly everyone’s rights and liberties, if the temptation to objectify and stereotype those whom we disagree with was avoided.

The author was found to employ the same labeling tools that we as humans try so hard to avoid today. Perhaps it would be better for humanity if uncontrolled wrath was focused into a useful tool rather than simply unleashing blindly on the populous. Is the solution to overcoming the bigoted part of society as easy as spewing mindless rage at the only part of society that does not fit into a minority somehow? I must say I am disappointed and offended but still proud to say I am a middle-class, white, conservative male who refused to be labeled.

Pete Tolsma

Freshman, business marketing

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