To the Editor

Sep 072003

I am writing as a brother and recruitment chair of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, one of the Latino-based fraternities here on campus. This week marks our last week of Rush, and so far, our efforts have brought us some quality men that will carry on the legacy of Nu Alpha Kappa at CSU.

While most of the campus has been covered with a myriad of large four-color Rush posters, our posters encouraging men to “Become a Warrior” have peeked out. Our chalking on the plaza has caught the eyes of people walking through.

However, the showcase of our Rush communications was our 4-foot wide, 6-foot long banner which we had hanging from the Clark Building. That was until someone stole it. I am puzzled as to why people steal something so petty. Are you so offended at fraternity and sorority recruitment that you thought that stealing our banner would end the practice? Were other fraternities afraid that having that banner up would steer people away from their house and have them join our organization? Or was this done because of sheer mischief? Is the university so boring that you feel the need to sneak out in the middle of the night and steal a banner which will not have any real use to you?

If you or some you know stole our banner, we are giving you a chance to return it to us, no questions asked. You can turn it into the Office of Greek Life in the Lory Student Center. If you have information about who may have stolen our banner, let us know via e-mail at or call the CSUPD.

Tom Lucero Recruitment Chair Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. Senior, Technical Journalism

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