Sep 042003
Authors: Jamie Way

Although college students are often stereotyped as drunks, a notable amount of sober people can be found at CSU.

“I don’t drink anymore, because I got tired of waking up on other people’s lawns and they’d call me ‘Twelve Pitchers’ and ‘Casanova’ and I didn’t know why,” said Josh Estep, a freshmen at Front Range Community College.

Some alcohol-abstaining individuals make an effort to remain socially active despite their choice to not drink. The Association for Student Activity Programming plans alcohol-free event for students including concerts, speakers and an American Idol spin-off.

“It’s a lot more fun for students than having to deal with students who are out of control,” said Zena Johnson controller at ASAP. “Students can come and have fun and do it in an alcohol-free environment.”

Travis Markley, a sophomore at Aimes Community College in Greeley, said in high school he withstood a lot of peer pressure and now is complimented when people find out he does not drink.

“Drinking never appealed to me, it just seemed obnoxious,” Markley said.

Junior Alan Scheere, a graphic design major who rarely drinks alcohol, used to get tired of being the designated driver, but he said he is now used to the role.

“In the younger days when there was nakedness and such, I got sick of being the designated driver,” he said.

Brea Burkett, a sophomore recreation and tourism major, does not drink because she is a minor and it is illegal. Her religious values and the fact that alcoholism runs in her family deters her from drinking.

“My life’s exciting enough without (alcohol),” she said.

Senior Bryce Griffin said refraining from alcohol makes him a reliable worker and steadfast student.

“People know I’m not going to come to work with a hangover, they know they can call me at any point and I’m not going to be drunk or impaired by any means,” said Griffin, a agricultural business major.

He and friends hold barbeques, play games and watch movies instead of drinking. As members of Chi Alpha, a campus ministry group, they have made a commitment to refrain from alcohol.

“Basically I see no point in it,” he said. “There’s no benefit in it, it gets people in trouble.”

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