Sep 042003
Authors: Jon Ackerman

I had an awesome time.

From the bumper-to-bumper traffic every inch of the way from the Fort to Denver, to flipping off a bus loaded with CU fans; from relieving myself in empty beer cans in the car, to standing in a lake of empty beer cans in the parking lot; from sneaking into the club level twice for beer to sneaking out of the club level twice with beer; from watching BVP scurry 30 yards to tie the game with less than two minutes left to watching BVP’s pass fall short with no minutes left; I had an awesome time.

I bet you did, too. Probably the best college football game we’ll ever see.

Sure, we could have won the game. Sure, we could have stormed the field. Sure, I could have had CU fans chucking cans at me in disgust rather than me chucking cans at CU fans in disgust. But I still had an awesome time.

Too bad that’s it. Too bad that’s the only time all season so many CSU fans will feel so passionately about a game. Too bad that’s the only time CSU fans will do whatever it takes to get a ticket. Too bad that’s probably the furthest CSU fans will drive to watch possibly the best-assembled Rams ever.

Are you going to Cal this weekend? You should be. You shouldn’t be reading this, unless you’re online at a hotel in Berkeley. But who reads the Collegian online?

I took a road trip to UCLA last year. It was more like a trip to Vegas and then a stop at the Rose Bowl to see the Rams on the way home, but still a good time.

There, tailgates are in full swing three hours before kickoff. There, they use a golf course for overflow parking. There, tailgaters part like the Red Sea allowing the band and cheerleaders to escort the team into the stadium.

Do we even notice when our players arrive at Hughes Stadium? Maybe, but only if we arrive before they do.

At Texas A&M, students meet inside the stadium at midnight before a game to practice chants. Freshmen are hazed in the dorms so they can join in at football games, not frat parties.

That’d be tight if CSU students practiced chants the night before a home game.

But we have just one chant, and if you need to practice “I’m proud to be a C-S-U Ram” you need to repeat kindergarten.

At Michigan, they do a wave. Not a wave in one direction at one speed. They’ll pull a reverse, or speed it up, then slow it down. Somehow, they stay in-sync when throwing up their hands. We have trouble staying in-sync when throwing up girls after we score. I’ve seen one too many females crack a head on the bleachers.

But we’re new to this football success thing. It’s only been a decade of winning here. So let’s start up some tradition. Any ideas?

CSU students used to line the wall at the bottom of the student section with empty liquor bottles, letting out a thunderous cheer for the drunk who completed the line. Seeing as how we have one of maybe five college stadiums in the country still serving beer, let’s line that wall with empty beer cups.

Or how about a Thousand Ram March from Sullivan’s? We’ve all walked home from the bar; why not walk to the game?

Maybe — expanding on my buddy Luke Cornish’s column Thursday — we could have a beer pong tournament before each home game. The winning team gets to kick field goals at halftime.

One thing would have to be tradition first, though, before we start any others: selling-out Hughes, especially if we want those grassy knolls to become seats.

Now that would be awesome.

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