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Sep 042003

Most people would agree that the pressures of drinking increase in college and more students make the decision to drink than those in high school, but knowledge and responsibility should also increase.

The culture of drinking in college is drink when you can; not when you want to. Though the legal drinking age butts the majority of college students outside of bars and liquor stores, we know that students are going to drink; regardless of whether they are 21 or not.

The editorial board wants students to plan ahead when they decide to drink. Draw straws to see who is not drinking so everyone has a safe ride home, watch your limits and learn the limits of your buddies so you can help them make responsible choices.

Because there is so much added pressure to drink in college and because it is so easy to obtain alcohol, students who have not been educated how to manage drinking might go overboard. This is in part because America’s view on teaching young people the dangers about drinking is the same about sex; we tell them no, and don’t do it, but we do not educate them how to act responsible if they make those decisions, to drink or to have sex.

If you do decide to drink, know the consequences and costs. If you decide to drink on a Thursday night knowing you have class the next morning, drink moderately or accept the fact that you might miss class. If you drink excessively, keep in mind that your actions that night might end up in the Daily Blotter the next day.

We know we may not influence your decision whether to drink or not, but we do want to influence your decision to make responsible decisions.

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