Sep 042003
Authors: Seth Davis

When a co-worker came to Robin Whatley and told her it looked like rain in the CSU Bookstore, she wasn’t expecting an indoor storm.

“He told me it looked like rain, and I thought he meant outside. I went to the front and saw water pouring from the ceiling lights and fans. It was pretty crazy,” said Whatley, a recent CSU graduate and student manager at the bookstore.

Whatley was describing the scene Thursday morning around 10 a.m. when a water line began spilling water through the ceiling and into the main checkout area of the bookstore.

John Parry, bookstore director, explained the cause as he understood it.

“There’s a water line that runs up there, and someone doing work upstairs turned on a water valve that wasn’t capped,” Parry said.

Student Supervisor Kristol Taylor was caught off guard by the sudden torrent of water that started while she rang up purchases at the cash registers.

“We were ringing up the registers and (a customer) said, ‘do you know that you’re leaking’ and everything just started crashing down,” Taylor said. She said it only took seconds to go from a slow pour to a downfall.

Store employees began hurriedly searching for ways to keep the water from ruining merchandise and equipment.

“We got everybody out and started moving registers,” Taylor said. “We started moving all the merchandise out of the way and covering registers with plastic bags.”

Parry said the employees did a good job of protecting the store and keeping the damage “minimal.”

“By the time I got here, employees had gotten buckets, covered registers and moved merchandise,” he said. “We have some cash registers we’re still looking at. The ceiling and carpet are wet. Some drawers (of merchandise) were filled with water, so we had to throw that merchandise out.”

Parry said that since the bookstore is set to begin a remodeling process in a few weeks, the ceiling will probably be replaced as part of the remodeling process.

Students needing to buy books and supplies can still do so; the bookstore remained open during the flood and is still open for business.

There was one silver lining to the whole situation, Parry said.

“We’re just glad it didn’t happen last week,” he said. “We would have been in trouble with the number of students in line.”

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