To the Editor:

Sep 032003
Authors: Brian Zimpfer

After reading Monica Owens article on the boogieman known as the liberal media I found myself puzzled on a few issues. First, there is the anecdote of the students GPA, and how it is not fair that the 4.0 student share her GPA with the 2.0 student, which I totally agree with. However, Ms. Owens then goes on to explain that more media time needs to be given to Republicans. Maybe I missed something, but I thought Republicans were supposed to be against socialistic ideas, such as distribution of power.

Another thing that bothered me was the evidence of the liberal media. I do not deny that at times the media has a Democratic bias, but the news media also has a Republican bias. Most reporters may be liberal, but most station owners are Republican. Al Gore gets more election coverage, yet most of it is negative. Clinton’s “draft dodging” merits more than 10,000 major news stories, while George W. Bush’s desertion merit’s less than 100. Stations like Fox News are not fair and balanced (please don’t sue) they are just at the other extreme.

Whether the media has a left or right bias is not its major problem though. The problem is that the news media has become ratings whores. Pretty white girls from Utah get days of attention, while hundreds of ugly children who are abducted each day get nothing. Madonna kissing Brittany probably received more airtime than the last Nobel Prize awards. Ugly children and Nobel prizes do not get high ratings though, so stations do not get money, so the stories do not get airtime.

As a Libertarian I could care less weather or not our news services are more about glitz and glamour then actual news. If people want better news they should demand it. If people are dumb enough to believe what they see on the news without checking to see if it is true or not, that is their own fault. It’s not the fault of the liberal media.

Brian Zimpfer

Junior Computer Science

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