Rasta Pasta Review

Sep 032003
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Upon entering Rasta Pasta, on the northeast corner of College and Laporte, I immediately noticed the relaxed atmosphere as well as the appealing Jamaican ambiance. I took a seat on the patio outside and examined the menu. The items were all created by a man named Dan Gnos, a 23-year-experienced cordon bleu graduate Swiss chef. The menu consisted of all types of pastas accompanied by various sauces, vegetables, meats and seafood. It looked delicious but the question remained: would it be as delicious in my mouth as it tasted in my mind?


I tried three of Rasta Pasta’s most popular drinks. The first being their signature Jamaica Me Crazy, a delightfully citrus flavored drink with a strong dose of what the establishment likes to call their “rasta moonshine.” Not for the faint of heart, there is a two-drink limit on this frozen delight. The next beverage I sampled was Grandpa Rasta’s Chocolate Shake. Comprised of a delicious coffee flavor with a nice chocolate mudslide undertone, this drink will satisfy the sweet tooth in most anybody. Lastly, I indulged in a Cycl/n margarita that was absolutely delicious and easily rivaled the Rio’s famous drink.


I enjoyed an order of garlic bread and a salad with two different types of dressing: sun dried tomato and balsamic vinegar. Both the salad dressings and the bread are prepared vegetarian and vegan, for those who pay attention to those types of details. The garlic bread was deliciously fresh and soft and was served with a mix of fresh red sauce and Alfredo called ros/, a perfect compliment.

Main Course:

Before I talk about the main courses I think it is important to mention the spice scale. With any course ordered the customer has the option to go either three notches higher or lower on the spice-o-meter. Therefore if you are like me and like mildly spicy food then it might be a good idea to go one step lower on the spice scale, however if you are like some of my friends who enjoy sweating, you can test your limits by raising the scale two or even three notches if you are daring. I sampled three of Rasta Pasta’s most popular dishes beginning with the Spicy Jammin’, a garden Rotini pasta dish with baby shrimp and spices, lots of spices. The pasta had a nice amount of shrimp, which really complimented the spices and pasta well, making it an enjoyable dish that could be a spice fanatic’s entree of choice. The next dish was the signature Rasta Pasta. This dish is made of jerk chicken, green onions, basil, diced tomatoes and is saut/ed in garlic tomato sauce and served over penne pasta. The dish is a marinara lovers dream with a great twang to the sauce and a good amount of chicken. The last dish I sampled was my personal favorite, the Chicken Montego Bay, a dish filled with marinated chicken, pineapple and fresh vegetables saut/ed in white wine and folded into a light Alfredo over penne pasta.

It turned out that the food was as good in my mouth as it was on paper. Prices range from about $5 for your basic spaghetti dinner to almost $12, with the average meal being about $8. The price is worth it and it is no wonder why Rasta Pasta received the Best All Around Food Award at the most recent Taste of Fort Collins.

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