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Sep 032003
Authors: Carmen Filosa

With the cuts in financial aid and tuition increases, Associated Students of CSU moved the annual Book Swap program to the Internet in an effort to help students save money on their books.

“All you need to do is log on to our Web site,” said Gary Booth, assistant director of student services for ASCSU.

Students interested in Book Swap can go the Web site at

According to Booth, ASCSU moved the Book Swap to the Internet to make books available year round instead of just a few days at the beginning of the semester as in years past.

The Book Swap Web site creates contacts between the buyer and the seller, which helps students save money on their books, Booth said.

Booth said one of the biggest advantages of the Book Swap is that it reaches students who would not normally buy books because they are too expensive.

The main challenge, Booth said, is to let more people know so more books are available.

“Now that it is all online and it’s all there, it will be easy,” Booth said.

According to the Book Swap Web site, all the student has to do is fill out an interest form, which includes what book is available and how much the student is willing to sell it for, and the Web site will post the message on the site. If another student is interested then the Web site will provide them with the information to contact the student who is selling the book.

The Book Swap Web site said the price the student receives for the book is generally higher than what the bookstore would pay if they bought back the book and the student who buys the book will get it at a cheaper rate.

“I would definitely use (the Book Swap) as long as it’s reliable,” said Justine Molliconi, a marketing senior.

Molliconi said the Book Swap is a good idea because you get more money for top-priced books.

Advertising the book swap is what Molliconi said would be the best thing to make the Book Swap better.

“Make sure everybody knows about it. The more the better,” Molliconi said.

Some students say the Web site is not used enough.

“I’m like the only one on the Book Swap,” said Sigrid Gustafson, a senior biology major.

Gustafson, who is trying to sell one of her books online, saved her books from last year to sell them on the Book Swap to get more money.

So far, Gustafson said she has received no calls from people wanting to buy her book.

Gustafson said she blames lack of advertisement and the Book Swap being unavailable during the summer for the difficulties she’s had.

“It didn’t quite turn out how I thought it would,” Gustafson said.

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