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Sep 022003
Authors: Robert Wade

To The Editor:

The Collegian’s view that students in Colorado-supported universities should be punished like regular adults disregards an important factor: the need for universities to have a reputation. Let’s face it; the competition amongst universities for top students is tough and Colorado’s institutions can use every edge.

When the Oakland Raiders lost the Super Bowl last year, the citizens of Oakland practically destroyed their city. What does the nation think of them? Correctly or not, we assumed that the people of Oakland were immature and irresponsible. Likewise, if the nation sees CSU’s students hanging from the streetlights on Laurel Street, the school gets a black eye.

Given this, it is fair to penalize students inconsiderate enough to tarnish the reputation of our school. If we don’t, we may find that students decide to attend certain otherwise less impressive institutions.

Robert Wade

Freshman, civil engineering major

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