Sep 012003
Authors: Katrice Thomas

A year ago who would have thought that Marcus Houston would have Rams fans cheering him on? A few months ago, no one knew the cheers would come so soon. Yet during the Rocky Mountain Showdown the chant of Marcus Houston rang throughout the stadium as the Rams embraced its new star. It was almost like he didn’t even have to prove himself – everyone had already deemed him as Ram worthy.

But just in case there were any doubters in the crowd, Houston put on a show, running over the Buffs defense for 100-plus yards.

Houston wasn’t the only one putting on a show. Mother Nature saw fit to jump in on the action, leaving fans drenched. On the way home, all I could think about were all those crazy people, (myself included), who stayed in the rain to watch the game. Normally, people would have run for cover, and not come back, but there was something about this game. You couldn’t just walk out on it – even if there was a 28-minute delay due to one flash of lightning.

When the game resumed the fans filed back into the stadium ready to continue watching, hoping and cheering. There were so many things to cheer for, and even though the Rams were down, fans stood and waited for the next big move.

With Houston, Rahsaan Sanders and Tristan Walker holding down a deeply talented pool of running backs, it’s presumed that someone was going to dart off downfield for a huge gain. Or that Bradlee Van Pelt was going to connect with Chris Pittman, or take off running himself. With all the predictions and the hype behind the game, one factor didn’t work out in the Rams favor. They won’t be able to put a W up for this game.

Although the Rams walked away with a loss, they may have walked into something else. The realization of how great this team could be. Of course greatness comes with a few requirements, and if the football team figures out those requirements and adheres to them, destiny is in their hands.

But until destiny becomes a reality, the dedicated fans of CSU will be watching Houston, Van Pelt, and the Rams take the college football world by storm.

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