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Authors: Ben Bleckley

Students from all backgrounds and walks of life converge on CSU each fall. Numerous student organizations rush to accommodate this diversity each year.

“Basically, we support the Chinese community,” said Yasong Lu, president of the Chinese Student and Scholar’s Association (CSSA). “We provide some programs to entertain the Chinese community and encourage the exchange of culture between the Chinese community and other groups.”

Some of the programs CSSA provides include a Chinese New Year celebration and a mid-autumn celebration, the latter of which will take place this coming Saturday, Lu said.

Lu has benefited from involvement in the organization personally.

“This is very useful for me to . . . practice my English,” he said. “For the Chinese community, I’d say they benefit from our service because they get a chance to meet other Chinese students and families. For the international students, we offer the chance for us and for them to know each other, to know the cultures of each other.”

Other organizations, such as the Indian Student Association, offer services specifically for incoming freshmen in addition to the community in general.

“The first and foremost thing we do is when new students come in from India,” said Charles Thangaraj, president of the Indian Students Association, “we offer them initial stay at houses of students already here and then help them find apartments and roommates.”

Benefits range from the simple community atmosphere to support in times of need.

“You realize you’re not alone,” Thangaraj said. “You have people around you to help if you have some problems. We had one of our members who met with an accident. So we gathered around him as a community and raised some money for him and helped him get back to India.”

Below is a list of various diversity-orientated student organizations. Descriptions and contact information were found at the Student Organizations Office Web site, at

Afghan Student Association; 217-0364;; “To inform the students and the community about the real issues in Afghanistan.”

“African Student Association; no contact available; To bring African culture to CSU and (Fort) Collins. It also provides a medium for African students to interact with one another.”

“Asian American Student Association; 491-6454;; To encourage A/PA to attend CSU, advocate for A/PA students, promote social contact between Asian American Students all through educational and social events within the community.”

“Black Definition; 224-4349;; The effort of this organization (is) to help students to advance educational, social and cultural aspects of heritage. Also it will further cultural understanding among faculty, staff and community members for Black Awareness and Black Awareness Month.”

“Black Student Alliance;; Unite by supporting and giving back to African American Students and the surrounding community in order to further educate and empower the minds and bodies of all who honor the African American Culture.”

Chinese Students & Scholars Association;; “To promote the understanding among Chinese students and scholars, to promote communication and mutual understanding between CSSA and other groups. To protect the rights of CSSA in the USA.”

European Student Association; 221-3313 (disconnected number);; “Serves Europeans and European-oriented people by providing cultural and social activities and promotes European culture to the community.”

Indian Students Association;; “To bring together students of Indian origin and others to promote Indian culture and heritage.”

Indonesian Student Association;;; “To unite all the Indonesian students/non students and share our knowledge about Indonesia to the American society and all the international students.”

Japanese Student Association; no contact available; “To provide an opportunity for Japanese students to get to know each other. We also take part in International Month and Asian Fest.”

Korean American Students Association; 491-6154;; “To serve as a refuge for those searching for social involvement among CSU’s Korean population, and to bring awareness of Korean culture and people to campus and the community.”

Korean Student Association; (Server not found.)

Muslim Student Association; 491-1477;; “To open a window through various communication methods on the geographically and culturally diverse Muslim societies for CSU and (Fort) Collins. To hold Islamic services and explain the Islamic way of life for those interested.”

National Hispanic Institute 491-5722;; “To expand opportunities for Hispanic students on the CSU campus by providing support and retention services, to serve the Hispanic/Chicano/Latino communities, and to further enhance and develop the leadership skills of the members.”

Palestinian Student Association; 482-8556;; “To educate the public and students about the people of Palestine, their culture, plight and hopes.”

Salam;; “To educate people about the culture of Islamic countries.”

Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgendered Student Services; 491-7232;; “(GLBTSS) is an organization run by students that provides an atmosphere for educational, social and recreational purposes for GLBT youth and their allies. (They) are a support for the students and non-students.”

Taiwanese Student Association;; “To represent the people from Taiwan at CSU. To provide a meeting place for those Taiwanese and/or Chinese students, staff and faculty. To promote friendship, peace, and mutual understanding among all its members.”

Thai Student Association;; Established for enhancing a understanding among Thai students, assisting new students for adjusting to a new environment, and promoting Thai culture to people in the US.

Turkish Student Association; (970) 495-3848;; “Introduce Turkish people, culture and traditions to the other fellows who are in CSU or Fort Collins.”

We Support Diverse Minorities (WSDM); no contact available; “To support all of the minority organizations through service, participating and sponsoring programs that are multi-cultural to enrich the quality of life for the student body.”

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