Puffy Ami Yumi

Aug 272003
Authors: arika Krause News Director, Estrogen Audio Host

Normally I’d tell you that a CD written primarily in another language is only for the taste of those open-minded and adventurous souls on the cutting edge of international music. But there’s something about Japanese sensation Puffy Ami Yumi’s “Nice.” It’s a surprisingly pleasant and compelling vacation from American pop rock-and-roll. From its very first track, you want to sing along, and you only know what you’re saying about 10 percent of the time. Lead singers Ami and Yumi’s vocal ability and catchy tunes snatch your attention and hold you captive. You can hear everything from Ska, to disco, to 80s electronic and mellow folk in this album and it’s seamless. These ladies have already made a name for themselves in Japan, and this album is a shining example of why.

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