Aug 272003
Authors: Carmen Filosa

University Parking Services changed the status of some of the university’s parking lots, including the Moby Arena lot, in an effort to make parking easier for students with parking permits.

“We wanted to give our paying customers more availability,” said Mike Rose, director of parking services.

Rose said the reason for the changes to campus parking was to make it easier for students who bought their parking permits to easily find a spot and get to class quickly.

The elimination of both free parking in Moby and parking tickets the first two weeks of school will help the students with parking permits find a spot and make the whole system more fair, Rose said.

“Everybody was taking advantage of (the free parking),” he said. “We’re being friendly in a different way.”

Lyndsy Osborn, a sophomore human development and family studies major, said having free parking in Moby has helped her out a lot.

“Last year it was easy because Moby was free,” Osborn said.

With parking outside of Moby no longer being free, Osborn, who lives off campus, said her only other option is metered parking. She said there are simply not enough meters and the two-hour time limit is too short if you have multiple classes.

“It’s horrible,” Osborn said.

Greg Thompson, a freshman business major, said he has not really found parking to be a problem.

Thompson, who bought a parking permit, said he heard the parking situation was difficult last year and is happy that the new changes have eliminated many of the old problems.

“I think it’s better that I can park in a wider range of places,” Thomson said.

Though Rose believes the new changes will make the parking situation better, he said parking is a problem and always will be.

“There would be no green lawns anywhere if we had enough parking,” Rose said.

He said the biggest challenge is keeping up with the students’ needs as time goes on and taking into account money and space.

“We want to make it easier,” Rose said. “We’re not trying to make it hard.”

Rose believes the parking situation is difficult now, but he said the parking services Web site will be updated to better suit student needs.

Selling the permits earlier and on the Web will make it easier for everybody, he said.

“They won’t have to come to (parking services) unless they just want to see us,” Rose said.

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