Aug 272003
Authors: Carl McCutchen

Every year the Associated Students of CSU promises change; sometimes students get it, sometimes they don’t.

This year, the members of ASCSU said they are set on following through on their promises, as well as attempting to implement new programs.

The student-run government is also making an attempt to become better known around campus. The newly elected administration, headed by ASCSU President Jesse Lauchner and Vice President Katie Clausen, said they want to make a large push this year to promote awareness and openness of the ASCSU office.

“We’re really pushing the open-door policy,” Clausen said. “Every person has at least one tie to this office.”

Clausen also said that besides openness of the office, awareness of ASCSU is a big issue as well.

To push awareness of the ASCSU office, members have been making their presence known at many events around campus.

They were in the University of Colorado vs. CSU ticket line handing out bagels, water and popsicles in hopes of keeping students hydrated and fed, as well as getting their faces known.

Clausen also said that members of ASCSU were going to make rounds to all of the Greek and student organizations to promote new ideas and receive feedback.

Eric Eller, a senior mechanical engineering student, thinks ASCSU is making good decisions in addressing awareness and openness concerns.

“I think increasing awareness of ASCSU is crucial to for their survival,” he said.

Brandi Johnson, marketing director for ASCSU, wants students to know that the government is also going to try to do more outside the office.

“We’re working on letting students know that the door is open, but that we come to them too,” she said. “We’re out there doing things for them.”

ASCSU has also taken a keen interest in freshmen this year, Clausen said. They were a sponsor of RamFest and have redesigned the Ram Leadership Team, a program for first-year students that gives them the opportunity to become leaders in the CSU community.

“We feel strongly that freshmen are crucial to the development of this organization,” Clausen said.

Freshmen are not the only members of the university on ASCSU’s mind. A new program, dubbed “Forever Green,” and the Ram Road Trip traditions are in the works. “Forever Green” is a program designed to show CSU pride at home football games by having the entire student section wear matching green shirts.

Ram Road Trips are available with the first one going to the Frontier Airlines Rocky Mountain Showdown at 5:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Student safety is also a concern for ASCSU, Clausen said, and they are working on a couple of programs to promote it. SMART Ride is a designated driver program that ASCSU is redesigning to raise participation and Ram Ride is a new program launching in October that will give intoxicated students a safe ride home.

ASCSU’s new cabinet also welcomed two new positions, the associate director of advocacy and associate director of environmental issues. These positions were created to cover more organizations and interests on campus.

“We’re reaching out to audiences that haven’t been targeted before,” Johnson said.

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