Theif at CSU

Aug 262003
Authors: Jesse McLain

A thief who is victimizing both CSU students and faculty has already stolen enough merchandise to earn a first-degree burglary charge, said CSU Police Department Detective Eric Lintz.

Lintz, who is heading up the investigation, also said, “he’s taking whatever he can get his hands on and get out with. Purses, wallets, cell phones, backpacks and sunglasses have all been taken.”

According to an email issued by Lintz, police are searching for “a white male, 5-feet-10 inches to 6-feet 1-inch tall, thin build, clean-shaven with short hair.”

One particular victim, a CSU research assistant, had her credit cards, ATM card, home keys, car keys, Social Security card and cell phone all stolen from her backpack which was tucked on her chair under her desk. The thief then withdrew $500 from her bank account.

“Someone had to have been watching for me to leave,” said the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

After the incident the victim had a hard time going to back to life as normal.

“I felt unsafe for weeks, I felt violated,” she said. “We feel safe for so long and then something like this happens. You just never know.”

She was also worried she would lose her personal identification information.

“He had my Social Security card, so I was worried about identity theft. I worried, since I parked on campus, that he would be waiting for me in my car. I even had my home locks changed because of this,” she said.

Police are asking faculty and students to report anyone who appears suspicious around or in campus buildings.

“People need to understand that their personal safety is their responsibility, so if something makes them feel uncomfortable they can call us and we will investigate for them,” Lintz said.

Lorraine Dunn, an administrative assistant who works in the Clark Building, one of the buildings targeted in the recent robberies, said she and her colleagues are all being more careful since the recent robberies.

“We’re all watching and more cautious these days,” Dunn said. “We’re keeping our doors locked and our eyes open.”

Police have not confirmed any strong leads, but they are seeking information on possible suspects.

“Nothing has panned out yet. We have received a few phone calls recently and have some names that we are following up on,” Lintz said. “This person is trespassing into offices with the intent to commit theft and that is a felony.”

Anyone with information about a possible suspect should call CSUPD at 491-2013.

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